Coos Curry Adventure Cycling Club

We go UP hill.

Recently we had an endurance race pass through our area.  I was caught up with the idea and monitored the race as best I could.  What really hit home was the rider’s comments that dropped from the race.  One stated, “I was unprepared for all the hills.  We don’t have hills like that in Texas.”  […]

Race vs. Ride

So I’m riding the other day and Rider Die asks, “Yo Ugly,  Who ya racing?”  At the time, I did not think I was racing, but maybe, just maybe, I was.   The raw challenge and sense of accomplishment tied up with racing is hard to match in any other format and, if you are […]

Pain and Suffering

Let’s talk about pain for a bit.  I understand pain and like most I try to avoid it.  Pain is an important part of being human, but is not always a bad thing.  Pain is a result of some activity that the body interprets as damage to itself and warns you to take action to […]

What is an Adventure?

So what is an adventure?  The answer is everything and nothing.  Adventures are all relative to the individual, that is, you make it an adventure because that is how you choose to experience and recall the event.  If you consider the event as challenging and memorable, you are likely to save it as a life […]

CCACC is up and running

Bear with us as I learn how to create a website.  I am always open to good advice, so jump in and tell me what ya think.  Once the website is up and running, we will get some things sorted out. Initial member benefits Membership fees Legal help for the following       Club and landowner […]