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We go UP hill.

Recently we had an endurance race pass through our area.  I was caught up with the idea and monitored the race as best I could.  What really hit home was the rider’s comments that dropped from the race.  One stated, “I was unprepared for all the hills.  We don’t have hills like that in Texas.”  The rider was talking about riding Highway 101.  In Oregon Coos and Curry counties, no matter where you ride, you go uphill.

While we all ride hills, every cyclist does it differently.  It might be fast or slow, spinning or grinding, In the saddle or standing on the cranks, hills really bring out individual riding styles.  The thing we do have in common is what happens when we reach the top.  We measure each climb as an achievement.  At the top, you hear riders celebrate the hill.  Some let out a “Whoop”, or “Yes”.  Some simply proclaim, “I made it.”  I have seen cyclists throw up an arm with a raised fist in celebration of reaching the top of a climb.  What ever you do upon reaching the top of a climb, enjoy it.  You deserve to celebrate your accomplishments, because you are awesome.

After a hard climb, take a few minutes to recover.  Get your breathing under control and steady your legs a bit.  Look around and take a photo, maybe.  At the top we have the best views of the landscape and that photo is something you can share with those that did not ride the hill.  Most importantly, ready yourself for a fast and thrilling descent.  You want to be ready for those death defying turns and eye watering speeds.  Most likely, the bottom will be reached far sooner than you hoped, but at the bottom is where you will find the start of the next hill.

Let me know what ya think.  Hills for thrills, or hills are a necessary evil of cycling?

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