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What is an Adventure?

So what is an adventure?  The answer is everything and nothing.  Adventures are all relative to the individual, that is, you make it an adventure because that is how you choose to experience and recall the event.  If you consider the event as challenging and memorable, you are likely to save it as a life experience worth telling stories about and as such it’s an adventure.   Adventure cycling is much the same, except we include a bike as part of our equipment and story.  An example might clarify this ramble a bit.


So, recently I went on a ride with Rider Die, and it was a first-rate adventure.  Started cold but warmed up later.  It was primarily on gravel roads, but had 2+ miles of ATV trails.  I lost my phone  early on during the ride.   We had a hike-a-bike that took almost 90 minutes to get us back onto gravel roads that could be ridden.  Just about everything was challenging and memorable, lending itself to some stories I will tell for a long time.   I would claim this as a first-rate cycling adventure and encourage others to find similar adventures.


Go out and experience as many things on your bike as possible, and share those adventures with others.  Not every adventure is a series of crushing challenges, so be on the lookout for the everyday adventures.  Be sure to recall the hills, distances, camping, or new destinations and include those memories in the story.  May you find joy in a life filled by a series of adventures, and be happy.


P.S.   My phone was found and returned to me in less than a week.  Yes, another part of the story that just adds to the tale.

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